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787 supplemented order list - update log
  as of April 2013  
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  August 25: 
KLM has converted six 789 to 78J -  KLM
Qantas has ordered five 789 and will take/convert three 788 to 789 previously destined for Jetstar - Qantas
El Al to purchase / lease up to fifteen 787s with options for 13 more - Flightglobal
Per Boeing OD update through July:
TUI selected GE for the single 787-9 ordered in May
LAN order now listed under LATAM 
  July 7 (per Boeing OD update through June):
Undisclosed (speculated to be EY at the time) cancelled their order for 15 787-9s
VIP ordered one GE-powered 787-8
Undisclosed ordered four 787-9s, no engine selection
Aeroflot reported cancellation is (officially) still in the books as of now
  June 18:
- Ethiopian officially revealed as customer behind undisclosed order for six "terrible teen" RR-powered 787-8s - Boeing
- Garuda
has signed a LoI for 30 787-9s - Boeing
- Aeroflot has cancelled its order for 22 787s - Flightglobal
Note backlog data doesn't account for deliveries through June as deliveries are only updated at the beginning of the month.
  June 4 (per Boeing OD through May):
- Air Canada converted seven 787-8 to 787-9
converted a total of eight 787-8 to 787-9 in May (four of these were already noted in previous update)
- TUI converted an order for two 787-8 to 787-9 and ordered one additional 787-9
- United converted two 787-10 to 787-9
  May 11 (with the exception of LAN's conversion in May, all updates per Boeing OD through April):
- United has cancelled 10x 787-9 - Flightglobal
- Air Austral officially revealed as undisclosed customer from February for two "terrible teen" 787-8s - Flightglobal

- Air Tahiti Nui ordered two 787-9s, engines undecided - Boeing
- ALC selected GE engines for two of their 787-9s
- American Airlines converted one 787-8 to 787-9
- Etihad selected GE for 30x 787-10
- VIP ordered one GE-powered 787-8
- Unidentified customer (possibly Ethiopian) ordered six RR-powered 787-8s
- LAN has converted four 787-8 to 787-9 - LAN
  April 4 (per Boeing OD through March):
- Air China selected RR for 15x 787-9
- ANA firmed their order for 3x 787-10 - Boeing
- Singapore Airlines selected RR for 30x 787-10
- Unidentified order for 24x 787-9 on March 30
- Unidentified order for 6x GE-powered 787-9 on March 30
  March 13:
- Aer Europa selected RR for their 14 789s.
- VIP customer from 07/28/06 cancelled one 789.
- Unidentified order from 7/4/13 identified as Royal Air Maroc.
- Air Tahiti Nui committed to purchase two 789s - Boeing
  February 8:
- AerCap selected GE for two additional 789s and converted one 789 (no engines selected) to a 788.
- American Airlines converted five 789s to 788s, now holds evenly split order for 21 of each.
- Unidentified order from 7/4/13 now identified as Royal Air Maroc.
- ANA committed to purchase three 787-10s - Boeing

- Uknown customer cancelled one 787 early February
  January 20:
- United has converted ten 787-9s to 77Ws - WSJ
  January 15:
- Air Europa's 'unidentified' order from Dec. 22 now officially revealed by Boeing
  January 6: Boeing OD updates through December
- Air New Zealand finalized order for two 787-9s - Boeing
- Unidentified customer (presumably Globalia) ordered 14 787-9s - Boeing OD
- Air Canada's two frames listed without engines in Boeing's OD through November reflect GE engines again
- The 787-9 now lies ahead of the -8 in the order books, while the 787-10 didn't secure any orders in 2014.
  December 9:
- Air New Zealand committed to two 787-9s. Had these been firm, the 788 and 789 would be even in total orders.
  December 4: Boeing OD updates through November
- Virgin Atlantic ordered one additional 787-9 (with four more possibly being leased via AerCap) - Boeing
- Air Canada had already selected GE for all 37 frames. Now one 788 and one 789 are listed without engine choice.
  November 6: Boeing OD updates through October
- British Airways selected RR engines for their 12 787-10
- AerCap (previously ILFC) selected RR for four more of their 787-9s.
  October 3:
- Unidentified customer (possibly EY) placed order for 15 787-9 - Boeing OD
  September 26:
- Air Berlin cancelled their order for 15 GE-powered 787-8s - Air Berlin
- Avolon firmed their MoU from Farnborough for six 787-9s - Boeing
  September 6:
- Added some backlog data to the firm orders chart
  September 5: Boeing OD updates through August
- LionAir cancelled their five 787-8 - WSJ
- Transaero cancelled their four 787-8 - WSJ (same article as above)
  August 15: updated to add the following:
- ANA firmed their order for 14 additional 787-9 - Boeing
- Oman Air selected GE for their six 787-8 - Boeing OD
- Saudi selected GE for their eight 787-9 - Boeing OD
- United converted seven 787-8 to 787-10 - Flightglobal
  July 17:
- ALC selected GE to power 30 787s - ALC
- Avolon commited to six 787-9s - Boeing
- MG ordered two additional 787-9s to be powered by RR - Boeing RR
- CIT orders ten additional 787-9s - Boeing
  July 4: Changes to Boeing's cumulative order update through June:
- American Airlines converted four 787-9 to 787-8.
  June 13: Changes to Boeing's cumulative order update through May:
- ILFC selected GE for 12 more of their 787s.
  May 12: Changes to Boeing's cumulative order update through April:
- ILFC converted eight 787-8 to 787-9.
  Apr. 3: Changes to Boeing's cumulative order update through March:
- AF-KLM Group selected GE for their 25 787-9s.
- ANA selected RR for 11 more 787-9s.
- Lessor ACG selected RR for all five 787-9s.
- BBJ customer from 1/25/14 selected RR for their 787-8.
- Lessor CIT has converted one 787-8 to a 787-9, engine still open.
- Boeing has apparently changed "Business Jet / VIP Customer(s)" order listings to simply "Customer(s)".
- Total deliveries through March: 132
  Apr. 2: ANA has commited to another 14 787-9 - Boeing  
  Mar. 7: Changes to Boeing's cumulative order update through February only reveal a few engine selections:
- Undisclosed VIP customer from Dec. 8, 2008, has selected RR to power their two 787-8s.
- PrivatAir has selected RR to power their two 787-8s.
- United has selected GE to power 35 more 787s.
Total deliveries through February: 122
  Feb. 9: Boeing's cumulative order update through January: booked one VIP 788 on 01/25/14, no engine selected.
Two 788s booked on 05/12/08 from undisclosed customer are now listed as VIP, engines still open.
Royal Air Maroc officially still holds the order for four 788s, two of which are rumored to go to Rwandair.
  Jan. 30: Boeing's weekly OD update shows they've booked an order for one VIP 787. I'll add this order together with any other changes when they publish their January data early next month.  
  Jan. 27: LionAir to cancel its order for five 788s - Reuters   (LionAir also seems to still have an open MoU from late 2012)  
  Jan. 7: Boeing's cumulative order list through December includes BA's addition of 12 787-10s and 6 787-9s. As the 787-10s do not currently indicate an engine selction, this is now reflected in the table below.
- The Nakash order for two 788s was initially destined for Arkia Israel. The order is now listed as MG Aviation and the aircraft will be leased to Norwegian instead. Joe Nakash is the CEO of Jordache Enterprises, who own MG aviation.
- United has converted another two 788s to 789s.
  Dec. 12: (updated) British Airways / IAG have firmed their order for 18 additional 787s. According to their Fleet Circular from August 19th (page 23) "at least 12" of these are to be 787-10s, with the remainder being 787-9s. The data below provisionally reflects 12 + 6, subject to change upon release of Boeing's order update in January.   (thanks Erik)  
  Dec. 5: Boeing's orders update through Nov. includes the TUI and Etihad orders mentioned below. No other changes.  
  Dec. 1: How well do you know the 787? Take the test!  
  Nov. 28: Rwandair to take over two of Royal Air Maroc's early builds: b787register.co.uk - LN17 and LN19  
  Nov. 19: TUI completed an order for 2 additional 787-8s. Previously listed as undisclosed order from Oct. 31 - Boeing  
  Nov 17: Etihad places order for 30 787-10 - Boeing  
  Nov 7: Boeing orders cumulative updates through October: Aeromexico selects GE for their six 789,
CIT converts 5x 788 to 789s, Korean Airlines orders 1x GE powered 788, undisclosed customer orders
2x GE powered 788.
  Oct 4: Updated 70+ links and did a little cleaning.  
  Oct 3: Unfortunately, Boeing has apparently moved/archived their older press releases - meaning many of the links below are no longer active. I'll try to clean them up over the next few weeks.   
  Oct 3: Boeing OD updates through September: Aside from inclusion of ALC order, only changes are ILFC selecting GE for 3 more of their 789s and Scoot's order now being listed separately from parent Singapore Airlines. I will continue to list both under parent SQ.  
  Sept 26: ALC finalizes order for 30 787-10 and 3 787-9 - Boeing
GECAS finalizes order for 10 787-10 - Boeing
  Sept 6: Boeing OD updates through August (Ethiopian's apparent order for additional eight 787s hasn't hit the books yet)
Air Canada converts 22x 788 to 789
Air China engine selection - previously shown as RR, now open
CIT Leasing selected GE for two more of their 787s
Travel Service cancellation of single aircraft
Vietnam Airlines selected GE for their 8x 789s
Xiamen's six GE powered 788s in the books
  August 30: Ethiopian orders eight 787s (table and charts will be updated following Boeing's OD update beginning Sept) - BusinessTraveller  
  August 26: Xiamen (parent China Southern) firms six 787s per Reuters. Previously had ordered three aircraft which were later cancelled.  
  August 8: Per Boeing OD through July - SQ selected RR for their 10 788 + 10 789.
Undisclosed customer for a single GE-powered 788 on July 4th.
Travel Service cancels their order for one 788 - The Herald
  July 3: Aside from UA's conversion of ten -8s to -10s, Boeing OD update also shows they converted six -8s to -9s.  
  July 1: According to flightglobal, UA's conversion of ten -10s came from their order of -8s. Also confirms they hold the previously undisclosed order from November.  
  June 22: Updated the firm order chart to include the -10 and inserted a pie chart to 788/9 marketshare just because it seemed like a nerdy thing to do. Updated deliveries.
UA's announced conversion of 10 frames to 787-10 will come from their order of 787-9s, according to Reuters.
  June 18: Launch commitments for 787-10: BA (12), SQ (firm 30), ALC (30), UA (firm 10) + GECAS (prior day, 10) - first delivery 2018. UA additionally converted 10 787s from a previous order (unclear if 788/789s as of now). ALC further commits to three additional 787-9.
United apparently exercised options for five additional 787s last year, possibly the undisclosed order from Nov. 7th.
  June 17: GECAS commits to 10 787-10X - Boeing  
  June 6: Per Boeing OD update through May:
- Jet Airways converted 10 788 to 789
- Singapore Airlines converted 10 789 to 788
- 5 788s initially ordered by LCAL and previously listed as undisclosed now attributed to Royal Brunei 
  May 30: Singapore Airlines commits to 30 787-10X pending formal launch  
  April 3: IAG to order 18 787s for BA, subject to shareholder approval. Model to be determined at a later date - flightglobal
            I've moved the original BA order to IAG.
  April 2, 2013: Air Berlin converts 15 788s to 789s - aviation week (updated article June 3rd here)  
  787 supplemented order list