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  How well do you know the 787 Dreamliner  
  Below is a photo of JA806A returning to Paine Field from a test flight in 2012.  
  The aircraft in the image has been modified in photoshop. As an avgeek, you're tasked with spotting these changes.  
  I was initially going to mention how many changes have been made, but give it a try without this info. If you'd like to know, the number can be found towards the bottom of the page.  
   Needless to say, some of the changes may be worthy of a facepalm while others may be more difficult to spot. No cheating!  
  Think you spotted them all or are you starting to guess?  
  Highlight this row of text to reveal the number (10) of modifications done.  
  Otherwise, compare above image to the original here