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  How well do you know the 787 Dreamliner  
  A look at what was edited...  
  How did you do? The official 787 scorecard:  
Mods correctly identified out of 10:   Your rank:
1   No worries, with a little practice you may be able to distinguish between a 737 and a Beluga.
  "A Beluga? I'm confused… that's a whale."
  Ok, nevermind.
  McNerney, is that you?                                                                                       kidding!
3 or 4    
  Hey, that's pretty good. For a trainspotter.
    Did this consist of the tail, flap, missing door, cockpit window, and GE logo?
5   I wonder how many overlooked the relocated nose gear. 
    Anyway, 5 out of 10… in school that's still a failing grade. Just saying.
6 or 7   Not bad... 3 are quite easy to miss imo.
8 or 9   Good job, avgeek.
10   Boy, what a nerd... I thought at least the pylon would get you!